Minimalism with Little Ones

*This is part 3 of our series on Minimalism. Click here for Part 1 - Wannabe Minimalist and Part 2 The Benefits of a Minimal & Simple Home ~Whitney~ Life is a beautiful thing. Keeping home is a gift. Raising children is a blessing. Raising many children is crazy fun, but also crazy busy....and messy! … Continue reading Minimalism with Little Ones

The Benefits of a Minimal & Simple Home

*This is part two of our minimalist series. For the introduction of my clutter-free journey click here:¬†Wannabe Minimalist ~Whitney~ From where I'm sitting right now on our living room couch I can survey our main living spaces and for the most part they're tidy and clean. The table is bare, the floor isn't scattered¬†with toys, … Continue reading The Benefits of a Minimal & Simple Home