Lessons From My Children


Something I have learned from being a parent is that it is impressive what you can learn from your children. There are two things in particular that stand out recently.

Friendliness: The Gospel’s Ally

I am a fairly outgoing person and have never had much trouble introducing myself to complete strangers. However, when we moved into our current home there was a specific neighbor that I was told was a little peculiar, so I typically kept my distance even though they were our closest neighbor. There was some interaction and they didn’t seem to be too bad though I did hear about some drama connected to them so we just continued to keep away.

Then Little Man and Curly Top got older.

I’ve tried to help the kids be friendly and polite, so when this neighbor came over one day to talk and I was getting ready to brush them off and get back to the project I was working on, Little Man jumped out and waving started towards them. I said something about getting back to our project and he turned and questioned:

“But aren’t we supposed to be friendly and polite to people?”

Ouch, way to have my own lesson turned back on me.

God has given everyone the task of telling others about Him. I had majorly been neglecting my commission from the Savior in the area of our closest neighbor, and it took my own lesson, being reflected at me by my son, to help me realize my mistake.

God has allowed us to have several opportunities to talk with that neighbor and they even brought their child to our Vacation Bible School this year.

Good Morning Priorities

The next recent lesson was from Curly Top. I’m typically up between 6-6:30 and leaving the house close to 7:00am for work. There is only one early riser among my children and that is Curly Top. After VBS one morning I could hear her talking in her room:

“…all have sinned…come short…glory of God…3:23”.

She was missing some words but she was doing her best to remember her class’s verse from VBS. Her first thought was to work on memorizing the verse that she had learned.

How often do I get up and begin to think about all I have going on that day or the problems even that I have going on and forget to start my day focused on God? All other tasks and problems are easier to tackle with Him, and my young daughter in her child-like faith had reminded me of what I often get too busy to remember.

Children are such a blessing and responsibility to care for. I try to not ever take for granted the fact that God has trusted Whitney and I with the responsibility of training four (at the moment) eternal souls, but it important to remember that there are many lessons that we can learn from them.

Keep cultivating your hearts, love y’all.

Proverbs 4:23

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