Spring is in the Air


The birds excitedly chirping out my window and the fresh smells of nature’s new life bring such peaceful happiness to my heart. I love aspects about all times of the year: Winter’s quiet snowfalls that blanket the earth in peacefulness, Summer’s memories of hiking, camping, and dancing lightning bugs, and Fall’s crisp fragrant smells of apples, leaves, and cold mornings. I’m blessed to live in an area of the country that gives me a taste of all the seasons, but springtime is my favorite.

I love waking up to the sound of birds and hearing the spring peepers in the evening. The freshness of the air after a spring rain and the fragrance of blooming flowers filling my senses bring a calm and refreshing sigh to my heart. Dainty violets and vibrant dandelions fill my yard and my hair as little chubby hands bring mommy gifts planted by God. It’s a much-needed refreshing after a long cold winter with little sunshine and outdoor excursions.

Spring also means the beginning of one of my favorite activities: gardening. Ahhhh, that word makes me happy! Back in February, we started pepper, tomato, kale, and celery seeds and they are growing and thriving (well, most of them. Some of the peppers are looking like they might not make it, unfortunately). It’s lovely to see the new life growing in our living room and the care even the children take in nurturing them. Curly Top will sometimes even talk to them and tell them “You’re doing a great job!” In just about a month we’ll be able to plant these little beauties outside and watch them continue to grow!

Some friends of ours were thinning out their blackberry bushes and gave us over 50 starts! Last week we headed out to the Farm and spent the evening planting them. Curly Top is quite excited about having our own blackberries and I quite agree!! It was definitely a huge blessing from God to give us all those free plants! God knew I wanted fruit plants and I believe He delights in giving us good gifts. Thank You, Lord!

In addition to the new berry bushes, the Farm also has four peach trees! Two of them especially were quite overgrown and needed a major haircut, though all of them needed some attention. We spent last Saturday hacking away and now have four more managed fruit trees. Looking forward to seeing how they produce this summer. Another blessing from God to already have fruit trees on our property!

Last week Willis got a truckload of compost from a friend and poured it on our current garden to enrich the soil. I also prepped a small bed where we grew winter squash last year and planted kale, spinach, and lettuce. I’m excited to get all these projects going and have a whole mental list of all the other things to get done outdoors soon!

Thin and replant strawberries.

Prepare ground around back porch for planting.

Clear out brush in the valley at the Farm.

Get compost and prepare beds for next year at the Farm.

……..and many more as the summer progresses!

What are your springtime projects? Tell us!!!

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