A New Year, A Few Simple Goals


Wow, we’ve been kinda MIA on the blog for the past three months…sorry about that! I hope we still have at least a few readers left! A lot has gone on in our family and writing for the blog was one of those things that went by the wayside for a while.

The main event that stalled writing was I got sick, really sick. Like for months on end. The kind of sick that results in leaning over the lovely toilet, emptying your last meal into it, and wondering if it was EVER. GOING. TO. END. It was also the kind of sickness that nine months later results in a cute, cuddly bundle in your arms.

Yep, it was morning (alllll day) sickness and Bougher #4 is on his/her way!

I’m now nearing 20 weeks and as long as I take Unisom at night I’m over the nausea. My energy is slowly returning, my house finally looks orderly and clean again, the holidays are over, and my belly growing quickly! Whew, I can finally think about writing again!

New Year, New You?

New Year’s resolutions can sometimes get a bad rep. Some people  *seem* to think January 1st is the only (or best) time of the year to create new goals in your life, and if by February 4th they’ve already failed, then they can’t start again until next year. Then there are those who simply love the fresh start the New Year brings and might make a few broad and subjective goals like “I want to be healthier this year”.

The thing that’s startled me most this year, though, has been a few Facebook posts I’ve come across where people have completely said NO to bettering themselves this next year.

Wait, what?

I mean, I understand all the hubub about New Year’s Resolutions being overdone a little sometimes. I mean, you can start a goal in June if that makes you feel better…

But no aspirations to better yourself? Learn something new? Deepen your walk with God? Create a healthier body? Spend more time on what is most important to you?

One article I read was written by a mom of young children. She was saying that 2019 was not a year for her to make goals of drinking enough water or cooking healthy meals every night (I mean realistically, almost no one can do that!). It is her year to simply survive. Now, by no means do I want to put the author down, no way, but as a mother of three, going on four, young children myself I don’t quite understand simply “surviving” for a whole year. No doubt there are seasons where I feel like we’re in “survival mode” at our home. Take a recent “for instance”: morning sickness. For just about all of October and November (and into December) I felt like we were in survival mode.

Paper plates were essential.

Food was hot dogs, cereal, and eating out.

The bathrooms were considered good enough as long as pee residue wasn’t covering the floor.

Laundry lived in laundry baskets…folded or not.

The thing was, this was simply a “season”, not an entire year or more. As soon as I could I was back trying to normalize life again and getting ready to accomplish some goals. I didn’t want surviving to be the norm. That’s just depressing. It’s not living and enjoying life to it’s fullest. It’s hard to be joyful and happy when you’re just surviving.

I understand what the mother in the article was saying, I really do. She went on to state that it’s okay to give yourself grace (amen!) and to embrace the mess (it’s a have-to with toddlers). She says we often put too many unrealistic expectations on ourselves as mothers that only bring frustrations. Her viewpoint was one of stop pressuring yourself with too much, with perfections, and with unrealistic expectations of life with young children. I wholeheartedly agree with that. But I’m also going to keep creating ideas and goals to make me a better Christian, wife, and momma.

I don’t want to just settle for survival.

I want to thrive.

A New Year, A Few Simple Goals

This year I have just a few simple goals to aim at:

Write For Heartright Home Once a Month

I feel like once a month is a realistic goal for the season of life I’m at right now. Willis will also be writing periodically so hopefully, we’ll end up with more than just one post a month for you all!

Learn More About Essential Oils

I’ve been using essential oils for a few years now and love the smells, feelings, and benefits it gives my family. I know a lot, but still feel like I know so little. I’m ready to dig deep and truly study it out from the experts. My mom and I are going to be studying The Healing Power of Essential Oil by Eric Zielinski. He is a Christian public health researcher and aromatherapist. Because he isn’t associated with any specific essential oil company or group, he is able to give a solely unbiased look at essential oils and how to use them.

Exercise at Least Three Days a Week

Since being sick and not really able to exercise I’m now slowly trying to get back into a routine. In the warm weather months of the year it’s naturally easier to workout in the great outdoors: walks at the park, hiking, swimming…but now there is definitely less motivation!! I’m sticking with just a few days a week for now then work my way up to more if necessary.

Do Some In-Depth Bible Studies & Begin New Prayer Journal

I have a few subjects in mind that I want to dig in deep and really get a good grasp and understanding on what they mean. So lots of research, journaling, and asking God for guidance! Also, need to start a new prayer journal again. I’m ready for new growth in the Lord this year.

More Special Dates with Willis

Date nights out to eat aren’t always an option for us…babysitter, open evening, tight budget…So last year we started doing more “In-Home” date nights once the kids went to bed. Could be a movie with fresh cookies & ice cream or maybe a game night. We took turns planning out the evening and they were a lot of fun! We slacked off after a while and didn’t do them as often, so this year I’m aiming to do one at least once a month if not more often!

Journal Regularly 

This one I’m not setting an exact goal for but I do want to make sure I journal about life, what’s going on, victories, struggles, and what God is doing in my personal life as well as in our family’s on a regular basis.

So there you have it! My personal goals for 2019.

I hope your New Year will be one of new growth both spiritually as well as physically. God has more in store for us than to just survive, He wants us to grow and thrive for Him and His Kingdom. Happy 2019!

“But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.”

2 Peter 3:8


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