Slow Down!

Ahhhh, Summer. That lazy time of the year spent lying out under the clear sky, skipping rocks on the lake, and going swimming every day…

Umm, that’s not quite the world I live in (although it does sound amazing)! Summer for me means Vacation Bible School planning, gardening in the heat, Church events, mowing and weed-eating (okay that’s mainly Willis, but hey, I do help), harvesting and preserving everything from our garden, and hopefully, a camping trip stuck in there somewhere!

I know for most people that fantasy like dream of lying in a hammock all summer sounds great, but not too realistic. There are ball games, church camps, Vacation Bible Schools, trips to Disney World, back to school shopping, play dates, zoo trips, and a slew of other activities. It can feel overwhelming and not too relaxing, to say the least.

My kids are all still small and aren’t involved in any extra activities outside of our home or church. Even still, we are a very busy family during the summer. It’s filled to the brim with projects, activities, and events and there are many days I simply want to grab a water bottle, hike deep in the woods, and stay there for a while with a good book. (Yes, that’s my idea of relaxation and solitude, your’s might include a pool raft and iced tea…to each their own.)

Sometimes I get so fed up with all the busyness that the tension and stress begin to rise and summer no longer feels enjoyable, but rather it’s racing past at lightning speed.

This summer I’ve purposefully done things differently. I’ve chosen to take time *ALMOST* daily and spend it with my kids doing fun and relaxing “Summer” things. I don’t pack things in so tight that there’s no room for enjoyment, but doing a few fun activities together a few times a week. We play in the kiddie pool in the backyard, take walks and go hiking, snuggle on the couch and read books for the Library Summer Reading Program, teach the kids gardening, draw in our sketchbooks, play in the rain, go to the park, and most importantly….enjoy each other.


That right there is KEY.

Enjoy one another.

Enjoy life.

The life God has given you.

Busy or not.

Our life is still packed full of activities and business and I love that we are busy serving our family, our church, and our Lord. I’m thankful for the blessings in life that make me busy. But I’m also learning about saying “No” to things sometimes. I don’t want to race through life and get to the end wondering what I did with my time. I want to enjoy and invest in the people God’s given me: my family and church family.

Investing in my kids and huge (I plan on writing about that topic soon). I want to spend time with them at all times of the year, letting them be kids, letting them explore, and enjoying being with them.


How are you spending your summer?

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