The Day I Wasn’t Right {Learning Faith}


~Whitney ~

The day was Willis’ birthday. The event was a date night out. The place was the Green Tree Mall parking lot. The mood was less than romantic.

Here we were on what was supposed to be a nice evening out with just the two of us. A friend from church was watching the kids and we had at least four hours of quiet all to ourselves. Even though it was Willis’ birthday, he was the one taking me clothes shopping after we ate at Texas Roadhouse.

Steak first.

Shopping later.


It had been at least a year or more since we’d actually gone out and bought new clothes for me. To be honest I get most of my clothes from a clothing swap I attend twice a year. I’m way too frugal to go out and spend thirty bucks on a shirt when I can get a similar shirt for free at the swap. This system is perfectly fine with me, but I have been needing a few items that I hadn’t found at the last swap so Willis promised to take me clothes shopping.

Back to the lovely scenario…

Here we were sitting in the car in the middle of the uber-crowded mall parking lot the first weekend of December. Instead of holding hands, we were having a ‘discussion’ (you know what I mean). Instead of heading into the restaurant to put our name down on the one-hour wait list, we were not seeing eye to eye and neither of us was backing down. It all started when the topic of our future plans were brought up. We’ve been making lots of strides toward our goals but there was one area that Willis and I had different ideas on how it should be done (imagine that, people have their own unique ideas…psh.)

I KNEW I was right.

I KNEW he wasn’t being sensible.

I KNEW my way was more practical and easier to accomplish. (Bougher’s have this thing with taking something simple and making it complex.)


We talked it out thoroughly and communicated with each other our potential concerns. But neither of us was budging. I was starting to wonder if we were getting anywhere with this or if we’d have to ‘agree to disagree’ in order to go inside and eat.

I just wanted him to see my concerns with the way he wanted things done and admit I was right. He wasn’t being practical. I just wanted him to see that. But as I was getting more and more flustered he said these words to me and it changed everything:

“Sweetheart, I just need you to have faith with me. It’s bigger than what we can accomplish on our own. But if we have faith, then we get to see what God can do. Can you believe with me? It’s gonna take both of us.”

Mind blown. Seriously.

I had been looking at this all wrong. It hadn’t even occurred to me that: “Hey, Whitney, this is a matter of faith.” I was solely looking at it from a practical perspective that couldn’t see how well this method would work. The question was no longer ‘could we do this’ but ‘do we have faith to let God do this.’

I was no longer ‘right’ but I was okay with that. My method was purely from a human perspective, one that seemed logical and more ‘slow and steady wins the race’ kinda plan. Willis’ view was one of ‘I’m not sure exactly how this is all going to work out, and it’s gonna be a lot of work, but let’s let God show Himself big.’

“Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.” Mark 9:23

That evening’s conversation, though inconvenient at the time, showed me where I was wrong. Not everything in life has to be written down with bullet points, a full business plan, and a detailed timeline of events. Somethings require a little (or a lot) of faith and that’s where we get to see God do big things.

So scoot over Mrs. Smarty Pants, you’re not always right. (Ouch)

Has there been an event in your life that didn’t seem logical and you had to trust God to get it done? Share with us what God’s done in your life!

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