My 5 Favorite Baby Items for the Simple Home


Now that over the past few week I’ve hopefully shown you that you can most definitely live simply even with little kiddos, I’d like to share with you some of my favorite baby items. The ones that, even in a simple home, I don’t want to be without. Does it seem odd that I’m now going to tell you about “stuff”??? Nah, not really. These items are pretty basic for me. They eliminate having multiples of similar items, spending money on trying new items, and plus I know they work for us! Maybe they’ll work for you too.

Let’s just assume we already have the basics like Pack n’ Play, stroller, clothes, and car seat. Those are kinda a given. But these five items are basics that I love and have found to be lifesavers over and over again. While I cut out many baby items, these I always want around!

                  Ergo Baby Carrier

      • There are a lot of different types of baby carriers out there; some comfy and some not so much.  What I love about the Ergobaby Carrier is that it distributes the baby’s weight onto your hips instead of just your back. It allows the stronger part of your body to hold a lot of the weight. Also, it’s safe for a growing baby’s legs. Some carriers have the baby’s legs coming straight out of the carrier and doesn’t support their hips. The Ergo actually has the baby’s bum and hips supported in the carry pouch.

        Sleep Sacks

        One of my favorite things about the newborn stage is getting to wrap my little babies up like burritos! Willis can do it sooooo much better than me! He can wrap them up perfectly almost everytime and they stay put! Me, not so much. So I cheat and use velcro swaddle sleep sacks instead! These things are amazing and I used them all the time. There are a few different kinds that we use. The thicker fabric of the HALO SleepSack  is great for winter. You can swaddle baby’s arms in, or as they get older you can keep the arms out and use it as a safe blanket. During the summer we use Ziggy Baby Wrap. It’s lightweight cotton and won’t overheat your little one.

        Gripe Water

        Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water has been a lifesaver, time and time again. I feel comfortable using the safe natural ingredients with my little ones. It works wonders for gas, hiccups, teething and upset tummy. I’ve even used it myself for an upset stomach! Because it’s main working components are ginger and fennel, you can give a dose quite often (which is great if you have a gassy baby!). An added bonus is that it’s sweetened with glyerine instead of sugar, artificial sweeteners, or ::gasp:: corn syrup!

        Glow in the Dark Pacifiers

        There you are, bleary-eyed and only half awake at 2am. You’re frantically feeling around in the crib for the pacifier but to no avail. You kneel on the floor and feel around under the crib while baby is crying and you’re picturing yourself sleep deprived the rest of your life…. Yep, been there. But wait! There’s more! For only $19.99 (plus shipping and handling) you can get Glow in the Dark Pacifiers! And if you call in the next ten minutes…..just kidding! So enough of the terrible ‘As Seen on TV’ ad I just gave there. But really though, Glow In the Dark Pacifiers are one of the greatest items we’ve found for our babies! Not all babies like pacifiers and not all parents choose to use them, but if they/you do, then these are WONDERFUL! They are charged by a light source and make finding ‘Paci’ much easier during those 2am wake up calls! …and no, they don’t cost $19.99 (plus shipping and handling) 😉


        I remember my mom having a bouncer seat when the six of us were little. When I found out we were having our first, I knew a Bouncer Seat would definitely be on the list! The thing I like about it is that it’s small and very portable. You can take it with you so many places. We use ours ALL THE TIME, inside, outside…. It gets its bounce from baby’s movement so there are no batteries required! (Though some models do have an option for a vibrating setting. We don’t use it.)


So there you have it, my 5 favorite baby items. Hopefully, this list will be a help to new parents, veteran parents on baby number 4 or 5, or to someone looking to buy for a friend’s baby shower!


*This post contains affiliate links through Amazon. Heartright Home will receive a small commission from items purchased from these links. Thanks!




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