Bougher #2 Turns Two!


Miss Princess is our wild child with crazy golden hair. She’s our mischevious chubby-cheeked darling who needs an eye on her most moments out of the day. Her disposition is one often of polar opposites, one moment a sweet little lass with her head on your shoulder as you “nuggle” with her in the rocking chair, and the next moment she’s giving you that wild eye of mischief.

In the words of the Sound of Music song ‘Maria’:

She’d out pester any pest, drive a hornet from its nest
She could throw a whirling dervish out of whirl
She is gentle! She is wild! She’s a riddle! She’s a child!
She’s a headache! She’s an angel! She’s a girl!


This little riddle turned two years old today and over the past two years she’s been such a blessing as well as such a lesson (for me!). I think of all the things I want to teach her, all the joys of life I want her to have. I pray for her salvation, for her future husband, and for the plans God has for her. There are so many lessons I want her to learn:

Lessons in kindness.

Lessons in work.

Lessons in being a peacemaker (after all, her name does mean ‘Peacemaker’!).

Lessons in being a godly young lady.

Lessons obedience (yep, our biggest struggle at the moment!)

But in the midst of all the lessons I want her to learn, there’s a whole slew of lessons she’s taught me in such a short time:

Lessons in patience.

Lessons in gentleness.

Lessons in not losing my temper.

Lessons in taking moments to show physical touch.

My little Miss Princess can invoke tender moments of mother/daughter bonding where I feel I’m able to transfer tiny bits of wisdom and training to my daughter….and then she does something to blow it… Sigh. Back to the song:

Many a thing you know you’d like tell her
Many a thing she ought to understand
But how do you make her stay?
And listen to all you say
How do you keep a wave upon the sand?

How do you hold a moon beam in your hand?

Training this little one is going to be challenging but at the same time, she brings such joy to our family. Her forever grubby face, pink dirty rainboots, that cheesy smile, her ‘nuggles’ at night, the way she gets excited and starts talking in quick. little. broken. sentences.

69330C04-890F-43D1-82EA-196F52D51A9FI don’t want to change her. Not a bit. I only desire to teach against the bad habits and sin nature, and train the godly character in.

Let her be sweet yet ferocious.

Let her be virtuous and valiant.

Let her be gentle yet firm.

Let her be feminine and strong.

Let her be a lover of all that is good and godly.

Let her be God’s design.

Happy Birthday, Little One.

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