Apple Pickin’ & Adventure Makin’


It was the type of morning most mommas delight in. I know I do. The cool, crisp autumn morning was inviting us to go apple picking in a few short hours and the wee ones were slowly opening their eyes to a brand new day.

Little Man got up first and sat with me on the couch for a bit while I read my Bible and did prayer time. He’s usually the first one awake so as soon as I hear him making noise in his room I dart across the house like a crazy woman, quietly open the door, grab my three year old out of his bed, and dart back out before we wake up his sister. This is my noble attempt at having thirty more minutes of quiet before two year old Miss Princess shows her blond, curly headed self for the day. After reading with me for a few minutes, Little Man was soon asking to watch something and I agreed. I’ve learned as a mom to three little ones ages three and under that in its correct place and time, movies can be a sanity saver. My husband can thank me later for preserving my sanity for him!

It was promising to be a busy day so I got up and quickly began making smoothies for breakfast, threw laundry in the washer, put away dishes from the day before, woke up Miss Princess, and nursed baby Monkey Toes. I shot around cleaning, prepping the diaper bag, and attending to little ones’ requests. I’m pretty sure God gives moms an extra dose of the multitasking skill needed to get everything done.

“Okay, everybody, get shoes on. It’s time to go pick apples!”

Usually there are multiple reminders to the kids about focusing while getting their shoes on, multiple “don’t forget socks” commands, and multiple “Here, just wear your rubber boots, they’re easy to put on”. Today though, there were visions of apples and tractors dancing in their heads so they quickly completed the task.

Grandma arrived and that meant the fun was about to begin. The kids loaded up into the van and I made my rounds buckling them all in. We arrived at the Farm and after loading kiddos up in stroller and baby carrier we excitedly climbed up onto the wagon for a ride out to the orchards. Little Man darted from tree to tree picking apples and dropping them into the bag. Miss Princess held Grandma’s hand and wandered through the trees. Wonder and excitement filled those two pairs of little eyes. I smiled to myself and soaked up the sweet moments with these little people. We filled bags of apples, took pictures, and made memories.


As a mom it’s always sweet and heartwarming to see my kids experience new things. But leaving the house takes time, effort, and energy that, let’s face it, most parents are running low on. It can often be easy to talk ourselves out of dragging all the kids out for the day, especially when we’re heading it up solo. I get it, I really do.  We have to get everyone fed and dressed, supplies packed, diapers changed (again), sippy cups located, little humans loaded in the van, buckled…and that’s all before arriving at your destination. Then there’s systematically unloading everyone safely in the parking lot while trying to get out stroller and carrier. After that, you have to keep track of all the munchkins, keep them smiling and well behaved, hand out snacks, and then try and keep them awake on the ride home so they’ll actually take a nap for you. Yep, I get it.

But what if we’re missing out by taking the easy path? By not discovering the world with our kids? What if going out with our little ones is helping us be better moms and wives because it’s something new and fresh and something you actually have to put on real clothes to do?

As a SAHM it’s easy to get in a rut and just stay at home all the time because it’s easy. Oh yes, you can definitely have adventures and fun at home, that’s for sure. But I’ve found that leaving home and going on an ‘Adventure’ at least once a week is a life saver. I get to have adventures and see them experience new things, see the wonder and awe that comes from being three years old, and silently smile at their new discoveries. It also allows me as a mom to get out and get exercise, breathe fresh air, have a little fun (albeit crazy and chaotic), and remember life is more than just dirty dishes, sitting piles of laundry, and food encrusted hair.

Life is beautiful and full of new discoveries. Go out and find your own.


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